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Bashar al-Assad

Bashar al-Assad

This is a design, a remixed portrait design if you will. It’s been months that Bashar Al-Assad… Oh well I let you read the article below written by one of my best friends.

For a larger view, just click on the image above. The quote is by Victor Hugo.

Here is a link to the original image that I manipulated.


Bashar Hafez Al-Assad

Bashar: bringer of glad tidings; Hafez: keeper or guardian; Al-Assad: Lion

Leader of Ba’ath party – party slogan: ‘Unity, Freedom, Socialism’

“We don’t have such [things as] political prisoners,” Bashar Al-Assad -2007

Bashar Al-Assad’s time is done. He is not a Lion, but a coward. He looks not to protect or guard his people, but to enslave them to his will and for his own interests. And since he came to power in 2000, with promises of the Damascus Spring, he has brought no ‘glad tidings’ to the Syrian Nation, but simply the same old system of oppression and corruption. So now the Damascus Spring has been replaced by the Arab Spring. And the Syrian leadership must answer for all it has done. For 48 years of oppression, for the Hama massacre, for the 3500 killed since January of this year, and also for all those terrorised, tortured and kept silent in between these events; of all the crimes that have gone unrecorded.

The Ba’ath party achieved power through violence. And each year they held on to power, Syria moved further and further away from unity, freedom, and socialism. And now it seems it is with violence that they must go. The 11 month struggle of the Syrian people will prove fruitful, of that there is no doubt. Let us hope that the cost will not rise any higher. It is time to put this rabid lion to sleep!

Words by Paniz Shahkarami



Posted on 13th November, by Reza Assar in Graphic Design, Visual

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