Tribal Gathering 2017

Finally this year I could make it to Tribal Gathering in Panama! What a festival! What a place! An absolute paradise filled with the most beautiful people. Although I only made it for the dance celebration week (5 days from Thursday to Sunday), I absolutely fell in love with this place and hopefully will go back next year for the full experience.

An hour drive from Playa Chiquita through some rough road you will find yourself in a heaven filled with the most positive people with the most gorgeous vibes.

This year’s set up at the gathering was super unique, there was a new stage (Global Stage) in addition to the magnificent Lotus Stage. At Global Stage you will listen and dance to some chill music, live performances and some funky house time to time, on the Lotus stage on the other hand you would listen to Psy Trance for at least 20 hours a day. At one point from Friday to Saturday the stage went on for a 24 hours of music back to back with the coolest DJs. If you are a Psy Trance person do not miss on this event. Add it to your bucket list.

The highlight of the festival for me of course was this installation that we called Octopus. I met so many cool people there and we sat about and chatted almost about everything throughout the night. And of course the lighting was my favorite too! The up close photos with purple & blue tones are taken under Octopus.

There are 80 hand picked photos in this album. If you were a Tribal warrior, you see your photo in here and we never got a chance to talk and exchange contact info, get in touch with me I will send you your photo and would love to connect with you through social media.

Hope you enjoy this album.