Kino Cafe

One of my favorite spots in Vancouver. Kino Cafe always packed with the most welcoming people. They hold Flamenco dance shows with local artists every week usually on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Quick fact: The very first flamenco cante jondo (deep song) was a passionate cry of despair of the poor and marginalized Andalusian peasants. Every performance used to carry a message, and it was conveyed through the rhythm of the flamenco guitar along with dancer, and also the applause from the audience.

All these make flamenco an extremely passionate dance form, which touches the deepest of human emotions. With the passage of time, a lot of improvisations happened, and now flamenco has more than 50 musical styles known as ‘palos’. These styles are classified on the basis of their rhythmic patterns, modes, geographic origin, chord progression, and the formation of stanzas. It was the time when the variegation occurred in the types of performing flamenco.