Hello, my name is Reza Assar, I am a Photographer and a New Media Designer based in Vancouver. Being travelling for over 12 years, I have come across so many beautiful places, experienced so many cultures up close and made awesome friends all around the globe.

Currently I am on a 365 days project, shooting and sharing at least one interesting photo a day. What triggers my interest in photography the most is people and cultures. Check my Instagram account for your daily dose. Photography for me is about freezing the very moment that will last forever.

As once a wise man said: In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality. -Ansel Adams

By all means, if you have an interesting project you are working on and you want some organic photo shoot, or you just want to hang out and have a little chat over a coffee reach me at 778-991-4547 or E-mail me at rezafc@gmail.com, I always love to meet awesome people and learn new things.